1. These rules apply to Chromacity Pluto Base Division and its members. These rules are to complement the rules for Chromacity and are considered to be legal and useable by all divisions. The organization of Girl Power is a club consisting of friends and associates who have similar interests. The purpose is to belong with out predigest or to owe any thing to the club. The club is considered a friendship club and is not a gang out to hurt others. Chromacity is owned and controlled by the CA's. The following is the bylaws of Pluto Base Girl Power and are used by all its members.  Pluto Base Girl Power  is controlled by the Captain General. The sections of Pluto as they are created will follow these laws that are governed by the Chief Admiral, Central Admiral and Captain General.  They also must follow the Chromacity bylaws. The Chief Admiral & Captain Admiral reserves the right to make changes in the Pluto Base with out notice.
  2. Pluto Base division Sections consists of friends in Chromacity
  3. Pluto Base does not advocate, endorse violence, theft, or drugs. Pluto Base in all senses & purposes is not a street gang endorsing or committing acts of violence to other people not associated to or not to Chromacity. The club does not endorse the use of drugs or sale of such materials for any club activities. The club is not intended to be a crime organization of property. 
  4. Problems among members will be worked out by Rachel C. Chromacity makes no warrantees, guarantees or refunds to the content or satisfaction of the club to its Official members or unofficial members. Chromacity accepts no responsibility for individual members actions or doings outside of the club to and for which others are injured or mistreated or insulted in any manner shape or form
  5. Chromacity meeting are held at least once a month, All CAs or CGs are not required to be present. Pluto Base Girl Power meetings are to be held as often as possible.  All decisions concerning anything may be changed at anytime.  
  6. All books membership cards and club materials are considered property of Chromacity. All property of the Clubs including all flags and membership cards, and any other material used by the Club and its affiliated organizations, unless Paid For.
  7. You don't have to have a active membership, to still be considered a member of Chromacity.
  8. Due respect is given to each person who is a member. Saluting can be used if someone wishes to use it. A membership card can be issued to you. The fee for the card is 50 cents Dues are set among all CA's by a majority vote.
  9. Mars law nine is in can be used by Pluto members. 
  10. The CA's reserves the right to make changes in the organization, and bylaws at any time. CA's can allow anyone to join Chromacity. CGs may also allow anyone to join. The rank's CA or CG is assigned only by the Chief Admiral or Central Admiral.
  11. The CG's (Officers/Board of Directors/Generals) are the Chief General, Central General, Corporal General, Commodore General, Commander General, Captain General, and the Command General. The CG's reserves the right to help the CA's make changes in the organization at anytime, and can allow anyone to join. Only the Chief Admiral and Central Admiral (CA's) can add people to the rank of CG.
  12. Ranks below the CA's and CG's are Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Ensign and Member. These lower ranks are assigned by Rachel for her Division and Section's. The Lower ranks have no assigned duties in Chromacity unless stated by the Captain General Rachel C.
  13. CGs have equal command in Chromacity. The CGs are the Chief General, Central General, Corporal General, Commander General, Command General, Captain General, Commodore General and the Corporal General.  
  14. Membership is life time of Chromacity, But loss of membership in Pluto is decided by Rachel C.  Unless any  other CA or CG wishes to have a Pluto member reassigned to a different division. No physical harm is intended to any member who is demoted or membership is revoked
  15. CA's and CGs (Captain General Rachel C.) can not be voted out, but if they quit, and they are not wanted back, they can not get their rank back, or membership.  Other ranking members and non ranking members, dont have this protection. All ranks are assigned and demoted by the CAs and CGs only. With each rank you will be advised of what you can do, and the privileges of that rank which you have. You can have more then one rank, however 2 ranks is the maximum. The CAs ranks may not be changed by any one but the Chief Admiral.
  16. Some restrictions may apply - See Captain General for additional membership rules & regulations she may have, not listed at time this was written. 
  17. Please report any violations of the TOS to our webmaster.

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